Collection: Grandma Amy's Hand Crafted Products


  • Extreme dry skin relief: Lotion bars are made with beeswax from our bees or our neighbors bees, coconut oil, avocado oil that is able to deeply moisturize the skin of the hands and feet, leaving them hydrated and soft — even with frequent washings! They are amazing on extremely dry cracked hands and even the worse cracked heels.  
  • Variety of scents:  100% pure essential oils as our fragrances. Check out all ofour  scent choices. We also have an unscented bar which is great for diaper rash.
  • Perfect mess free bar: Easy carry in pocket, purse, back pack, and in your carry-on (not liquid so you can take them on the plane),  Do not leave in a hot vehicle. It will melt and then become a salve, but still is useable from the tin.
  • Simply to use and will last a long time: Use your hands to warm the lotion bar enough so it just begins to melt.  Then, either rub the bar onto the area that needs moisturizing, or melt enough onto your hands to rub onto your skin.  Wait for a bit for it to soak in.  It will last through several hand washings.

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